Caselle di Selvazzano Dentro (Padua), 22 October 2018 – In the end it was for a mere two points and the numbers of victories, why Fabrizio Crestani and Miguel Ramos didn’t win the title in the International GT Open Championship’s PRO-AM category. This was the outcome of the seventh and last round in the 2018 GT Open, held at the Spanish race track of Montmelò. An outcome, which doesn’t really reflect the strength of the Italian-Portuguese drivers’ couple throughout the season. Unlike the couple, who won the title in extremis, Crestani-Ramos finished every single race of the season, concluding it with two points more than they had to gain regarding the regulations.

In the end the Daiko Lazarus Racing duo with car number 27 brought home the title of the 2018 Vice-Champion also thanks to another place on the podium here in Barcellona.

It was a season with Crestani and Ramos constantly amongst the main players and leaders in their class, right up to the last race, where they showed up with an advantage of seven points, while they had gained ten points during the round at Monza, the penultimate race of the season.

The weekend at Barcellona started with Free Practice and an extremely quick Toby Sowery, who set the fastest lap time of the entire field. This fantastic result was followed by an amazing qualifying by Crestani on Saturday. He put his Lamborghini Huracán GT3 on P2, with only 92 thousands of a second behind the pole position. 

Everything changed due to the time handicap and after the compulsory pit stop Ramos drove in ninth overall position, but still  gaining a place on the podium in their class. Meanwhile the situation was more difficult for Sowery (P15 on the grid) and Giuseppe Cipriani, who had to conclude their race much further behind.

In Race 2 held on Sunday Ramos as well as Cipriani had to start further back. The Portuguese and Italian drivers gained 14 positions, crossing the line in eleventh overall place, fifth in the PRO-AM class. Meanwhile their teammates with the blue Huracán number 28 had an extremely good pursuit race, gaining 15th overall place.

All in all it was a positive season for the Team around Tancredi Pagiaro. A season, where at least one car started by Daiko Lazarus Racing gained a place on the podium in every race, without any mechanical problems, without any penalties and never a retirement.

A little bit disappointed, but satisfied with an extraordinary season, Team Principal Tancredi Pagiaro said: “We knew right from the start that it wouldn’t be an easy Championship. At the last race in Barcelona we had to change an engine straight away. Then two accidents during Free Practices cost us some extra time and work, putting both cars back on the track. We had to change the gearbox on the Lamborghini driven by Crestani and Ramos less than two hours before the start of the race. Looking at the final standings, we have gained more points than anyone else, but in the end our competitors had more wins and the calculations worked out for them. Something that had never happened to us before. At Paul Ricard in France, we started from the box and came home second, while our direct competitors left without any points In these cases one is disappointed, but still sort of happy. A little extra boost at the start would have been enough to leave the Mercedes behind, winning the Championship. We gave it our all, but in the end it wasn’t enough. We were amongst the main players right until the end with extremely strong and sincere competitors. This really honours us. Apart from competence in life you sometimes also need some luck. This time the wheel didn’t spin in our direction”.